Client: Unisys



Unisys was looking to win high-value multi-national accounts for their end user support services.



We started with a half-day workshop inviting the Sales Director, Marketing Director and two domain experts. We drilled down into the core of the Unisys proposition and identified where we specifically out-manoeuvred each competitor. The engagement started with incisive BI work and a round of nurting calls to identify each prospect’s incumbent services provider and their stage in the refresh lifecycle. Based on this insight each prospect then received a mailer that targeted the known weakness in their current provider and left them with the thought ‘isn’t it time to demand more?’

The campaign had three successive mailing rounds and nurturing calls each carefully targeted with a gradual closing of proximity – the final inviting them to a roundtable hosted by a Unisys customer.




The timeframe ordinarily associated with this type of engagement is frequently 18-24 months. The ‘Demand more’ campaign was cited as not only accelerating interest but also in delivering millions of dollars in sales pipeline.

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